Recognizing 5 years of Rezpiral

Illustrations by me Alex White-Mazzarella, artist and facilitator, turned into seriagraphy by Lapiztola, and printed on handmade amate paper . This was an especially long process that began in November of 2020 and closed with printing in July 2021. The effort to create, share and ultimately transmit a few special images of perspectives and significance from 5 years of friendship and learnings, with you our collaborator and consumer community.

Titles corresponding to the first 8 artworks in order

  1. The woman mezcalera in charge, despite the supposed man’s world
  2. Amidst a first – transplanting agave to a land managed by Aureliano – the first time el Pueblo de Zimatlan has ever seen Tobala farmed
  3. Cortando el Corazon en la Sierra Norte
  4. What was before a vision is now a responsibility and labor for a family – magueyes and milpa on a land with special significance
  5. El trabajo // work
  6. Mezcalero resting in peace – returned to the land and its atmosphere
  7. The flow of energy
  8. Cortando el corazon // cutting the heart

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