The first cycle of magueys in the vivero (nursery) part of this project is designed to serve different purposes

  1. To support independent, small-scale mezcaleros in planting and sustaining their own sources of agave. Even the most well-planning mezcalero families are typically forced to buy agave from sources, and this puts small scale producers at risk and vulnerable to monopolistic behaviors of others.
  2. To share the responsibility of sustaining populations of endemic agave and the production of agave, which our products take from.

In this first cycle (June 2018-June 2019), approximately 20,000 agaves will be transplanted back to origin lands;  lands under control by mezcalero families, including but not limited to those rezpiral works with.

11 different agave varietals all germinated all from seed are currently growing towards relocation. Tobasiche, madrecuish, barril, tobala, potatorum, jabali, espadilla, tepestate, mexicano, and mexicanito. And another set of varieties’ seeds are in the beds incubating; arroqueño, sierra negra, espadilla, tobala orejon, mexicano, coyote and tobala.

The vivero space is also providing trees to help advocate for an agroforestry focused approach to agave cultivation as well as for the reforesting of the local municipality Santa Maria del Tule.