Rezpiral is happy to work with Almas Viejas, project driven by Carmen & Tony, friends of mine whose guise and approach to mezcal, food, and culture is very much aligned with Rezpiral’s ways of doing things. Together, we’ll be looking to offer special opportunities, like “tequios” with agave & agroforestry initiatives, rezidency projects & other opportunities that become available. And for the rest of the time, Almas Viejas is happy to cater to rezpiral enthusiasts designing visits, experiences and immersions in tune with your interests and curiosities.

– AW

“Almas Viejas comes from our shared curiosity and admiration for traditional Oaxacan culture and its presence in the modern world.

Since 2020, we have offered culturally-driven immersive experiences based on local food, mezcal, art and culture. We love these parts of Oaxaca for the profound connections they offer to this captivating part of the world. Our walking tours, regional day trips, private culinary events, and guided mezcal tastings are designed to create meaningful cultural connections between our guests and those who are preserving, perpetuating, and redefining Oaxacan culture.

Those experiences closest to our hearts are the ones closest to the people who call Oaxaca home, and with Almas Viejas, we want to share those moments with you too.”

-Carmen & Tony