2020 – another cycle of agave clears, with the next well on its way

September 2020 - As this year's cycle of agave (approx. 18,000) clear the Vivero and take route in mezcalero-controlled lands, another cycle is well on its way towards next year. Our beds are nearly full already with agave Coyote, Mexicano, Cuish, Tobala, Jabali, Espadin & Espadilla, all from seed growing and being nourished towards next … Continue reading 2020 – another cycle of agave clears, with the next well on its way

2020 #2 Profit share declaration

A second 2020 profit share payment has been issued to help producers & pueblos carry on agrarian work and sustain local agrarian economies in this challenging climate of significantly reduced mezcal sales. These payments met special requests from our four principle & longest serving producer families and align with our mission of supporting autonomous agrarian … Continue reading 2020 #2 Profit share declaration

Teaser – rezidency project “Temporadas de Lluvias”

about: "Temporadas de Lluvias" (Rain Seasons): result of Rezidency project #3, the documentation is a hybrid between collage, animation and audio recordings of the agaves' universe, a plant native to Mexico and central in it's culture. Part of that research is published in the book "Tiempo en las Raíces" (The Time at the Roots, 1st … Continue reading Teaser – rezidency project “Temporadas de Lluvias”

Series 5

22 different batches from 6 campesino mezcalero/mezcaleras and pueblos. Released... Berta Vasquez, San Baltazar Chichicapam - Mexicano, 45 liters - Tobala/Tepextate   Aureliano Hernandez, San Baltazar Guelevila - Pechuga de Café, 130 liters - Arroqueño, 400 liters - Coyote   Abel Martinez, Santo Domingo Albarradas - Jabali/Mexicano - Tobala   Simeon Ramirez, San Agustin Amatengo … Continue reading Series 5

Trasplantación, 2020

Underway - transplanting agave to secondary beds where campesino mezcaleros can continue to care for them, or directly to "el campo" or "el monte" if big enough. Evolving count: Berta Vasquez, 9472 (Tobala, Mexicano, Arroqueño, Tepextate, Espadin) Simeon Ramirez, 1025 (Mexicano, Arroqueño, Espadin, Madrecuish) Abel Martinez, 816 (Arroqueño, Espadin, Mexicano) Aureliano Hernandez, 330 (Arroqueño) Alberto … Continue reading Trasplantación, 2020