Artisans & Spirits

Rezpiral works with and bottles select small batch (typically between 100 and 400 liter) agave spirits from a handful of traditional small scale artisans of different regions whose spirits hold and emanate their own styles, complexities, agave varietals and terroir.

2019, series #4, second release: six beautifully complex artisanal small batch agave spirits: A 77 liter batch of Mexicano & Tepextate ensamble crafted by Berta Vasquez, 150 liter batch of espadin crafted by Abel Martinez, a batch of Tequilana crafted by Reina Sanchez, a triple distilled Jabali created by Leo, a batch of Tobala with Frutas crafted by Aureliano Hernandez, and a batch of Tobaziche created by SImeon & Apolonio Ramirez.

2019, series #4, first release: A hand-selected selection of fifteen beautifully complex artisanal small batch agave spirits – by Abel Martinez of Santo Domingo Albarradas, Berta & Mario Vasquez of San Baltazar Chichicapam, Aureliano Hernandez of San Baltazar Guelevila, Reina Sanchez of San Luis Amatlan, Leonardo of San Baltazar Guelevila, and Simeon & Apolonio Ramirez of San Agustin Amatengo. Labels in this series were printed on a handful of colored fiber papers including amate (shown below presenting Berta’s ensamble).


2018, series #3: A curated collection of eleven agave spirits crafted from four independent artisan maestros collaborating with the project.  Labels in this series are hand drawn as before, and individually silk-screened labels, some with multiple colors.

2018, series #3: Una coleccion bien curado de once espiritus de maguey creados por cuatro maestros artesanos en colaboracion con el proyecto. Las etiquetas de estes series son hecho a mano, y imprimido con seriagrafia individualmente, algunos multi-colorados.

2018, series #2: Seventeen different master-crafted spirits by five independent artisan producers from four pueblos San Agustin Amatengo, San Baltazar Guelevila, Chichicapam and San Luis Amatlan; spirits from eleven wild and cultivated varietals, and three specialty batches (pechuga de conejo, espadin capon, espadin con frutas).

2018, serie #2: Diecisiete diferentes espíritus artesanales de cinco productores artesanales independientes de cuatro pueblos: San Agustín Amatengo, San Baltazar Guelevila, Chichicapam y San Luis Amatlan; espirituosos de once variedades silvestres y cultivadas, y tres lotes especiales (pechuga de conejo, espadin capón, espadin con frutas).

2017, series #1: Eleven different master-crafted spirits by three independent artisan producers of three pueblos; spirits from nine different wild and domesticated agave varietals (espadin, tobala, barril, tobaziche, mexicano, tepextate, tobala orejon, cuish, and tripon).

2017, serie n. ° 1: Once espíritus artesanales diferentes elaborados por tres productores artesanales independientes de tres pueblos; espíritus de nueve diferentes variedades de agave silvestres y domesticadas (espadin, tobala, barril, tobaziche, mexicano, tepextate, tobala orejon, cuish y tripon).