The 2018 profit share

Mezcaleros are putting much of the resources towards the preparation of lands to receive agaves (from the vivero) in the rainy seasons of June & July.

2018 Profit Share declaration:

Apolonio/Simeon Ramirez: clean and prepare lands of San Agustin Amatengo for the transplanting of agaves (labor & transportation).

Berta Vasquez: 1/3 costs of improving roofing of her house, 1/3 for costs in the fields (costs of farming & agave), 1/3 for household costs.

Leonardo Hernandez: agave sustainability: 30% for watering and maintenance of lands, 30% labor, 40% grazing lands.

Reyna Sanchez: 1 part for materials and costs of the production of compost and organic insecticide (produced by her neighbor Carlitos) 3 parts for laminate & tubes (building materials).

Aureliano Hernandez: One part for the production of mezcal (purchase of agave), and the other part for planting and preparing of land (workers).


For further information, please contact us.

One thought on “The 2018 profit share

  1. I tasted two of your fabulous joven mezcals tonight at Penca Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. I had the Méxicanito and the tepestate. Both were great examples. Thank you for making such beautiful agave spirits. I have one question. Are your mezcals currently available retail in either Tucson, Arizona or in San Diego, California? If not, are they available on line? ¡Muchimas gracias!


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