2020 Profit share declaration

Rezpiral – 2020 profit share declaration.

Accounting transparency to our consumers/collaborators/supporters.

2020 was an especially important moment to make a shift from a 10 to 30% profit share. A couple of findings and food for thought.
1) This is more than possible. At the end of the day, it all really depends on what a trader/buyer seller, such as me in this role, decides to prioritize.
2) I’ve been amazed to hear various producers say that buyers have never returned to share profits from their sales before. Kind of mind blowing.
3) These resources impact producers lives a lot more than they do in the bank account of an importer/business such as Rezpiral.
4) While this effort isn’t nothing, these are resources that dissipate immediately into a running list of basic rural works that need funding. But REAL economic parity could be achieved through a much higher profit share made possible with the participation of distributors, retailers & bars redistributing a slice of their profits. Simply put, such a practice applied to international trade & commerce in general would completely transform the world.

In total $10,059 was re-distributed to five of the project’s principal Series 5 mezcalero families (Reina, Aureliano, Simeon, Berta & Abel). $8,259 or 30% of 2020 profits after costs + $1,800 from art sales. Thank you for supporting this little project and effort.

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