Agave Renaissance lecture series –

Alex White Mazzarella, Rezpiral

Juan Olmedo, Del Rincón Grande

Narrative: “We need models that illustrate how humans and nature can coexist. Agave is that model. These are remarkable arid adapted plants that provide tools and sustenance to both people and their pollinators. Yet they also work in concert with humans and have done so for millenia. Carefully selected, they diversify in step with the uses people ascribe to them and thrive when cared for. The answers to how to create restorative economies, sustainable foodways, and bioculturally diverse habitats and communities are all embedded in this relationship between people and plant. This is a story that has been written on the landscape from the heart of the Sierra Madre to the Grand Canyon by those who inhabited these lands before us. Now it is ours to continue and make our future.”

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