Three-tier profit share

This year we revisit an idea I’ve been pursuing this last year – profit share participation from all tiers of the commercial chain (importer/brand, distributor, and retail/bar).  The idea pursues a basic question “why shouldn’t the producer, as the author of the served spirit and in many ways the hardest working, have a right to part of the profits gained by it’s export, distribution and retail sale?”

Four individuals, owners or in managerial positions, decided to participate enthusiastically in solidarity with the effort. And while this effort is not motivated by giving recognition to the individual it is hard to ignore the ultimate reality that is the individual, their will, power and way they view their connection to the producer that is the ultimate determinant.

The redistribution sums vary widely within these 4 actors, as per their costs, volumes sold etc., which also points to the fact that nearly everyone, in theory, CAN participate in redistribution at some level, should they choose.

Speaking to mezcaleros/mezcaleras about this, it is clear that all resources are appreciated, and that there are many people within the traditional village economy that can use the resources for their well being and to keep their traditional time and labor-intensive ways alive and healthy.

A thank you on behalf of producer families to rezpiral consumers and to these five people for their participation and solidarity! A great example?

– Ivan Vasquez, owner of Madre Restaurants CA – $1,307 or 15% of profits from the sale of two batches (distributed to Simeon Ramírez and Alejandrina/Nicolás Hernández)

– Lane Harlow, owner Clavel, Baltimore MD – $400 or 10% of mezcal tasting costs over a 6 month period (distributed to 7 producer families)

– Nate Gruback, manager of Ball Square Fine Wines, Sommerville MA – $196 or 30% of profits from 2021 bottle sales (distributed to 4 producer families)

– SACRED Thirst Distribution CA – $2,500 or 7.5% of 2021 profits from bottle sales (distributed to 6 producer families)


These funds are have been disbursed to family producers this first quarter of 2022 alongside/on top of Rezpiral’s 2021 profit share of $19,651


One thought on “Three-tier profit share

  1. Thanks for mentioning these contributors particularly Clavel in Baltimore MD. With the occasional trip to Baltimore, I’ll drop in sometime to desgustar su cocina Sinolense. BB in VA


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