Trasplantación de Agave, 2022

August 5, 2022 – For years now agave seed from different family producers such as Berta, Reina or Simeon would be germinated and cared for in the Vivero Amigos del Maguey y la Biodiversidad. This year marks the permanent closure of the nursery/project after the municipality decided to take the land back, and in this hump year, while deciding on the next step in this project’s agave practice, agave was sourced from a nursery built and managed by Aureliano Hernández of San Baltazar Guelevila. 11,000 Tobalá and Espadín were gifted to the following producers:

Simeon Ramírez, Abel Martínez, Berta Vasquez, Alejandrina & Nicolas Hernández and to another producer family in Puebla compliments of Jason Cox of Cinco Sentidos.

Great news is that we’ve finalized another Nursery project, and have more than 60,000 seeds from different endemic agave varietals germinating! More news to come!

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