30% share

Rezpiral realizes a fair-trade practice in part by redirecting a part of profits back to producers (profits defined as total sales to distributors minus all project costs). In 2020 profit share has evolved to 30% from the original 10% distributed yearly from 2017 to 2019. Currently, producers determine where these funds go.

Initially, in 2017, the profit share program was conceived as a means to supporting the following areas and has since opened up with the expansion of funds and producers control.

  • Land conservation and management
  • Supporting seeding practices and re-forestation
  • Promote land stewardship and advocacy for communal and local land control
  • Promotion of bio-diversity and preservation/propagation of endemic agave species
  • Supporting family-run and owned independent production

This practice has grown to understand the well-being & health of the family as equally important and integral reflected in a dropping of the practice of identifying & reporting the specific destination funds.

2021 30% Profit Share declaration:

19,651 USD // 401,877 MXP – redistribution break down

17% Berta Vasquez

12% Aureliano Hernández

16% Simeón Ramírez

20% Reina Sánchez

13% Alejandrina & Nicolas Hernández

7% Familia de Tio Chico & Christina

14% Leonardo

2020 30% Profit Share declaration:

February – Berta Vasquez, Aureliano Hernandez, Simeon Ramirez, Reina Sanchez: LIBRE (no reporting)

July Berta Vasquez: Family support, mezcal production.

July Aureliano Hernandez: Agrarian labor, personal expenses.

July Simeon Ramirez: Agrarian labor, agave transplanting and land clearing

July Reina Sanchez: Tractoring a piece of land.

2019 10% Profit Share declaration:

Dec. Aureliano Hernandez: Operating costs

Nov. Berta Vasquez: Labor to harvest maize, zacate, labor to clean a field of agave, and for personal expenses.

Nov. Reina Sanchez: Financing clearing of land for agave planting. Installation of a well, water pump, irrigation system, electrical infrastructure.

Nov. Simeon Ramirez: Concrete postings and barbed wire to secure a large parcel of land from theft. Improvements to palenque infrastructure/practice.

Apolonio/Simeon Ramirez: to rehabilitate part of the palenque and to continue planting agave

Berta Vasquez: towards household costs.

Leonardo Hernandez: to rescue local agave, and for the costs of labor

Reina Sanchez: to open/graze a piece of land to plant agave, and for other costs, to build another oven and roof for the oven

Aureliano Hernandez: to support costs of his new nursery

Abel Martinez: Towards the purchasing of equipment (pine fermentation vats) and costs in the palenque

2018 10% Profit Share declaration:

Apolonio/Simeon Ramirez: clean and prepare lands of San Agustin Amatengo for the transplanting of agaves (labor & transportation).

Berta Vasquez: 1/3 costs of improving roofing of her house, 1/3 for costs in the fields (costs of farming & agave), 1/3 for household costs.

Leonardo Hernandez: agave sustainability: 30% for watering and maintenance of lands, 30% labor, 40% grazing lands.

Reina Sanchez: 1 part for materials and costs of the production of compost and organic insecticide (produced by her neighbor Carlitos) 3 parts for laminate & tubes (building materials).

Aureliano Hernandez: One part for the production of mezcal (purchase of agave), and the other part for planting and preparing of land (workers).

2017 10% Profit Share declaration:

Lalo: in support of a local Candelaria festival in Santa Catarina Minas

Berta Vasquez: supporting cost of concrete posts, barbed wire and labor in the preparing of a plot of land for agave planting.

Aureliano Hernandez: supporting this years planting with purchase of 2,000 local maguey species

Rezpiral se realiza su práctica de comercio justo, en parte al redirigir el 10% de las ganancias hacia las prácticas agrícolas de los productores. Estos recursos están dirigidos a proyectos individuales, tales como cubrir los costos de talar tierras controladas por productores o apoyar el costo de 10,000 agaves silvestres para replantación y programas que apoyan a los mezcaleros y agaveros independientes. En general, las prácticas respaldadas giran en torno a

–   Conservación y manejo de tierras
–   Apoyar las prácticas de siembra y la reforestación
–   Promover la custodia de la tierra y la promoción del control de la tierra comunal y local
–   Promoción de la biodiversidad y preservación / propagación de especies endémicas de agave
–   Apoyo a la producción independiente familiar