2020 #2 Profit share declaration

A second 2020 profit share payment has been issued to help producers & pueblos carry on agrarian work and sustain local agrarian economies in this challenging climate of significantly reduced mezcal sales.

These payments met special requests from our four principle & longest serving producer families and align with our mission of supporting autonomous agrarian works, ways and culture, managing resources ecologically and manually rejecting the easier but poisoning approach of herbicide, pesticide and chemical fertilizers.

Producers determine and control the destinations of this profit share which include funding

  • Labor – paying members of the family & village for labors of transplant agave
  • Labor – transporting and spreading compost, manure, bagazo and other natural constructs to agave fields
  • Labor – manually clearing and opening land for consequent agave transplant  (machete, pick, etc.)
  • Labor, fuel & machine rental – clearing a piece of land for agave planting & management with tractor
  • Personal/domestic expenses

This share is equivalent to roughly 6% of 2020 sales profits.

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